20 Life Changing Tactics that will Make Your 2015 EPIC

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20 Ways to Put the EPIC in 2015

Tired of creating New Years Resolution’s that go unfulfilled? Looking for ways to pilot your 2015 to another level? Here are 20 Life-Changing tactics that are sure to make your 2015 EPIC!

  1. Start from where you are! – Time to ‘Get your face out of the rear-view mirror and focus on future opportunities before you! No really! It’s got to be bigger than a New Years Resolution or you’ll continue to focus on things that no longer matter. You’ve got to say it, mean it & then DO IT!
  • Know when to let go – Say goodbye, to people, networks, jobs, etc., that are no longer harvesting fruit. It won’t be easy; but nothing worth having ever is! Have the courage to admit when you’re not being productive. And how do you recognize it? If you’re not sitting on the edge of your seat, chances are you’re not growing! And if you’re not growing, then you’re not going anywhere!
  • Write your dreams into existence – One of the best survival tactics I ever learned from my former employer was ‘if it’s not written, it didn’t happen”. The same is true with dreams. Dreams aren’t goals until they’re written.  You know the rest….. for once you write it, you can frame it, and then one step at a time, you can claim it!
  • Believe you can do anything – Do you? Believe you can do anything? If you don’t, how can you expect anyone else to! Self – doubt is the number one killer of dreams! It’s that thing that will keep you from getting out of the bed in the morning, walking through that door, and saying YES! The first person you should say yes to is YOU!!!

  • Be authentic! – Be yourself! Authenticity is the mother of longevity in anything you do. We see it everyday…politicians, entertainers, athletes, etc who denied ‘self’ and eventually found themselves in hot water, on the way to a new career (or no career). Like self-doubt, presenting yourself as more or other than you are will only lead you down one road…that of regret!
  • Use your gifts – It’s also been said, ‘if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life’ ~ Confucius! We all have unique gifts, talents and abilities. Take an honest SWOT analysis of yourself and hone in on the things that you do naturally and enjoy the most. That’s your passion…and your treasure lies where your passion is!
  • Strengthen your weaknesses – On the other end of that SWOT is…the truth! If you’re always focusing on your strengths, then you’ll never improve your weaknesses. If writing isn’t your thing, take a writing class. If you find you need to strengthen your business acumen, invest in business seminars, books or partner with a mentor (who’s stronger than you at your weaknesses). This is called….
  • Investing in yourself – And it IS essential. Because if YOU won’t invest in you, no one else will!
  • Develop a plan of action – Having a real tactical plan is also essential and if done effectively, will provide you with necessary guard rails and benchmarks to ensure progressiveness.
  • EPIC 2015Act with a sense of purpose – And by that, I mean…
  • Act with  a sense of urgency – Do everything, and I mean everything, with a ‘must happen now‘ attitude! And while you physically won’t be able to pull everything off now, your eyes should always be on the end goal.
  • Be diligent – Proper, Purposeful & Precise. That is my personal definition of DILIGENCE!
  • Deliver the goods as promised – Your word is your bond! If you promised a website in 5 days, then deliver it in 5 days. Millions of entrepreneurs layout their handy work on Fiverr weekly but only a few generate lucrative leads, marginally based upon their ‘reputation’ for follow-thru. The result of every task you take on then, should be delivered with the same commitment under which you agreed to it.
  • Work the plan
    – While you’re waiting on the plan to work, work the plan! When things are ‘coming together’ there should always be something you can do (researching the next steps for precision, gathering your future partners, preparing your family). There are always eyes to be dotted and T’s to be crossed!
  • Evaluate, Recalculate & Redesign – As needed! If you’re doing everything right, then you’re doing something wrong! So as crazy as it may sound, PLAN FOR FAILURE! How? Evaluate your progress every 30 days. Measure the impact of what you’re doing (and if you can’t measure it, perhaps you shouldn’t be doing it at all) and finally, CHANGE WHAT DOESN’T GARNER RESULTS!  

  • Brand, Promote then Leverage! – When all is said and done, it’s time to go to work. And make no mistake about it, building a (personal) brand takes work. It can NOT be done overnight. Do your research, implement then execute!

20. Trust yourself! – This is more than being authentic. This is more than believing you can! This is trusting that everything you’ve done up to this point has prepared you for where you’re going. This is ACTIVATING YOUR FAITH!!!

And if you’ve gotten anything out of this, check out my 10 Strategies for Success in 2015 & Beyond shared at a recent seminar below! Share your success strategies and planned tactics for an EPIC 2015 with me here!

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